rituals creative consultants

Know the Team

"The path reveals itself, once you have found yourself"

Rituals Creative Consultants was conceived in 1992 as a creative boutique by a team of young professionals trained in Creative Visual Communications. It is our aim to provide top-of-the-line creativity and innovative ideas implemented to perfection.

The People behind the Design

Ritu Rathour started her career as a visualizer for a lifestyle magazine, after her graduation in Applied Art. Managing creative aspects like layout design & supervising photoshoots, she quit a year later to start her own design studio and in a few years established Rituals Creative Consultants as the preferred design partner for its clients. Her strong points - a good sense of design and communication skills help her establish great working relationships with all her clients.

Anand Prakash joined an advertising agency as a trainee after his graduation from College of Art. Interested in all aspects of advertising (art direction, copywriting, photography, typography), he left the agency to join a fashion magazine as the creative director, handling all its processes; taking interviews, photography, editing, designing etc. After a short stint here he quit to co-found Rituals Creative Consultants. A photographer, print/web/interface designer, he is innovative, experimenting and forever learning. In the last decade Rituals Creative Consultants has grown from being a small design shop catering to small sized businesses to servicing clients from India, Bhutan and the USA. Our portfolio has also grown over the years with our range of services expanding to include websites, multimedia presentations, interiors & exhibition design and consultancy.

That's it! Just two. Were you expecting more? Sorry to disappoint you.

Contact us and you'll be surprised what a team of two can deliver!