Vehicle Branding

Make your brand identity go places – put it on your buses, cars, golf carts… and aircrafts!

Aircraft livery design for ZoomAir.

ZoomAir was the third aircraft livery designed by us. The first was for MDLR Airlines, and the second for Jagson Airlines, but unfortunately the airline postponed or shelved its revival plans.

Photo Courtesy & Copyright: Radim Koblížka

Aircraft livery design for MDLR Airlines

There were some bold options shared with the client for our first ever aircraft livery design, but at the end the client settled for a more traditional look.

Bus branding design for Vatika Group when buyers at Vatika City, Sohna Road had just newly been given possession. The brief was to make it look cheerful and friendly.

Car branding design for Westin Resort & Spa at Sohna.

Golf Cart body branding for The Westin Resort & Spa, Sohna

Branding for delivery vans for Vatika Hospitality restaurants.

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