The Pataala Prophecy

The Son of Bhrigu

While Christopher C Doyle’s readers await book 3 of The Mahabharata Quest trilogy, of which the first two books are The Alexander Secret and The Secret of the Druids, with a mini-sequel A Secret Revealed in between, he suddenly decided to take a twist in a new direction. While his earlier books were mystery thrillers based upon true historical events, which he cleverly wove into his stories, Chris started writing a new novel based on Indian ancient mythology, with characters that the faithful would like to believe actually existed, but which do not have any historical base to prove their existence, except for their mention in the Puranas. Thus was born The Pataala Prophecy, with the first book based on the guru of demons, Guru Shukracharya, who was the son of Bhrigu, one of the great Saptarishis (seven sages) in Indian history.

The cover of The Son of Bhrigu had a great impact on the readers since this was the first book by Chris to feature an illustration on the cover. Thanks to the greatly talented illustrator, Ishan Trivedi, for bringing Shukra to life.

You can view Chris’s website here.

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